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Jumaat, 6 Mei 2011

Expose 2


thank you

Wednesday, 4 May, 2011 10:06 AM
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Am so happy to hear back from you. I want to get to know you better and also for you to get to know me better...My full name  are laila modh faisal,  I am mixed  Malaysian ,my father is Malaysia and my mother is from england...I speak very very little i was born here and lived in London all my life...loll...i am so looking  forward to visit Malaysia very soon ..omg.. I have never been there...i feel  so happy am coming  to my father's land...haaaa...i want to know me single...28 years old....I live in regent street. I am a professional system analyst...that I studied in college....but you parents are so rich...they are company shareholders in old Trafford....they bought so many bank shares for me that pays me now so much


Once you are here, I ll take a leave so that I could be with you for the whole 2 months.

Anyway, I need some days off after working like hell :)

You could come a bit ealier if you want.


3 ulasan:

  1. if her family is soo d*mn rich then she should just hire an escorts to keep her company. or travel with her family lah kan? hadoiii laaa... kot ye nk nipo pun biar lah bebenor sket

  2. betul! nak tipu tapi tak terror! apa la...tu aaa..soh belajar dulu tak ni nak menipu je kerja nya..mana ada org kaya raya bagi email pada org tak dikenali siap citer mak abah dia kaya raya...mafia la buru dia dulu, culik ke apa ke?bodoh bangang la..apa pun..saya suka drama cinta laila..mmg best!cekup je depa tuh, abg mazidul..

  3. apa harus kita buat untuk mengecilkan lagi kegiatan mereka terutama yg berada di Malaysia?