Hi darling i have sent the Gift....i don't know if i have told you what is inside the parcel of the gift before,,,,, hummmm do you know what i put inside the parcel i put the sum of 100,000.00pounds,a model HP laptop, a gold wristwatch, model Nokia hand phone communicator ,flowers, pictures, T-shirt and Liverpool jersey heheh ,,,,,,,...darling you will take 40,000.00 pounds from the 100,000.00 pounds and buy the house for me keep 60,000.00pounds for me that is the money that i will use  to start  the project when am in Malaysia with you .........then from my 60,000.00 pounds

you have to take some money inside and book a 5Star hotel for me a place where i will stay when come over i hope you understand me honey i love you so much please as soon as you receive the parcel from the courier services just let me know so that we make more plans because i really want to enjoy myself with you hehe have a nice time i love you hummkisss...

the name of the courier services company is ATLAS AIR COURIER SERVICE, their web site is http://www.atsxprescg.com/main and the parcel tracking number is AT76423134 they will deliver the parcel to you as soon as possible is 24hurs delivery i wish you good luck honey hummmkisss....please as soon as you receive the gift call me this is my hand phone numbers  +447031899562 



You are so generous! Your are so kind. Is it really true? What would I do with 40,000 pounds? That is equal to about RM160,000? I can purchase so many things with that amount of money down here in Malaysia.

However, put the money aside, what I really really really  want is you.

I can't take your gifts just like that but let me confess, I do need your love more than ever.

Put it like this, I will wait for that parcel to arrive and notify you. 

Thanks love!