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Jumaat, 6 Mei 2011

Expose 3


 thanks dear

Wednesday, 4 May, 2011 1:58 PM
"Mazidul akmal Sidik" <>

hello baby ..actually i live and work in the UK and  my father is from Sabah a state in Malaysia but since i was born i have never been there that  is why i have chosen to come over and see how Malaysia looks like, and i don’t no anybody in Malaysia because i have never been there, and i went through your profile and chose a man of your kind that i will be with when’ ever am there ,because i don’t no anybody in Malaysia you are the only one that i no ,and you have to show me around when am there because i will be coming by next month i will stay for 2months i hope you will have a enough time for me .i will give  you a call so that you will come and pick me at the airport ok...i will be waiting to read from you thanks hummm kissssssssssssss here is my mobile number +447031899562 you can call me anytime 


Sorry dear, I am quite busy at the moment, just been promoted to General Manager.

So much to do with so little time.


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  1. salam mazidul, i dont know why but it seems to me all these scammers who claimed themselves from UK prefer to use the phone number after the UK code 044 begins with 70318xxxxx. I was once been contacted with a guy claimed he's from manchester and looking for a spouse and his phone number 447031819671, and when i get through the website that disclose the scammers, most of their numbers are +4470318xxxxx.