honey and only sweetheart , how are you doing today love? was so wonderful to read your email knowing that you care so much about me....I LOVE YOU SO MUCH honey ....thank you so much for coming into my life......i have never been this happy are such a wonderful caring lover that i want to be with....Baby...mmmm. .I want to surprise you my

love.....I want to send you a very nice gift  as an appreciation for our show you how much I love you and how happy you make are about to receive a wonderful package from me.. dear. .i felt like flying down to Malaysia because every time I read your email....lovely tears stroll down my eyes..........I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY


Saya yakin gambar dihantar bukan gambar sebenar pemilik akaun. Hanya selepas 3 emel dihantar secara rawak, suspek mula menggunakan ayat-ayat manis. Sejak bila pula, saya menjadi 'baby' dia? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Baby to a Nigerian? Yuks!


Berikut emel saya hantar kepada 'Laila', sebagai respon.

Mari kita 'ayat' dia.


OMG! Really? What kind of gift is that? I love suprises. 

Dear Laila, I just don't understand, deep inside of me, my inner feeling keeps whispering to my ears saying that I love you too.

Love does so many wonderful things.

Dear, when are you coming to Malaysia? I have been waiting for you, really.

I want to spend my time with you, travelling all over the country, just YOU and I.

Thanks love.