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Khamis, 12 Mei 2011

Expose 9 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Resit sudah dihantar kepada nama saya, 'Kau Penipu' dan ke alamat tidak wujud.

Berikut emel dihantar 'Laila' kepada saya.

HONEY There is a dime a dozen...Then there is one in a million...But baby, you are once in a lifetime...I just call the courier company you will receive your parcel tomorrow please call me as soon as you receive it baby okay.....i love you 

Di bawah, emel saya hantar kepadanya.

Love, thank you soooooooooooooo much. 

But there is a small problem. As I have stated before, 'honesty' is my middle name and now I feel so guilty if I were to accept your parcel. 

Do you know why love? To tell you the truth, I was born in a silver spoon family. My dad is one of the richest men in Malaysia. He has a lot of money. Actually, 5 years back, I wanted to work and be independant but he didn't allow me.

"Don't accept anything from someone who you have never met because I could give the world to you"

That what my dad said and he would be soooooooo mad if he knew that I were to accept that parcel from you.

What should I do sayang?


(anyway 'sayang' means 'love' in Malay)

I don't want to lose you sayang and at the same time ... I am afraid that my dad would kill me :(

Since I have got to know you, I always dream of you, I can't hide the feeling any longer. I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU (999 times).

Sayang, I have made up my mind. I will NOT pick up the parcel. All I want is YOU. Just fly to Malaysia as soon as possible and be with me. I will take care of you and I want you to be the lady of my life, please, please, please sayang.

The parcel is secondary, the priority is YOU.

I have withdrawn RM50,000 from my saving account and for you, I am willing to withdraw some more incase if  you want to start a business here in Malaysia.

My mum asked me why do I need that much money? I said, it is a secret but I promised her that I would tell her the truth very soon.

Ops! Sorry sayang, I had to make a run to the bank again.

Why?? Need to keep some cash, who knows if it happens that you would drop by as a suprise for my birthday, tomorrow.

Bye ...

6 ulasan:

  1. hahaha... best gile follow cite cinta antara 2 benua nie.. anyway the receipt is so fake! and the part that i love is 999 times! haha.. keep it up bro.. x sabar nak baca sampai penamat nye.. pasni bole la compile semua email ni and buat novel bertajuk "Cinta 999 kau dan aku".. haha

  2. goreng bang goreng... hehehhehe

  3. Menarik betul kisah ini. Tidak sabar menantikan kesudahannya.

  4. payment receipt tu pon dah nampak sgt photoshop~ huhuhu~

  5. rasanya bukan photoshop, tp dia pakai PAINT sahaja... so LOL~!

  6. kelakar la abang nih..kalau saya la kan...saya dah maki hamun... :P